QQ News - January 2016

A fire hose of geeky news headlines for the month of January, 2016.


  • Final Fantasy Adventure Remade (Rpgamer)
  • The Witness (Gameinformer)
  • XCOM Modders Announce New Strategy Game (M)
  • Homeword: Deserts of Kharak (Gameinformer)
  • Final Fantasy 9 Announced for PC and Mobile in Japan (IGN)
  • EA Won't Have Booth at E3 2016, Briefing Scheduled for Sunday Afternoon (GameSpot)
  • Steam sales in 2015 (Medium)
  • Origin PC's new Omni gaming all-in-one wraps you up in its curved screen (Cnet)
  • 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Zooms Past 'Avatar' (Forbes)
  • George Miller Says He Wont Direct Another Mad Max Sequel (Slashfilm)
  • At CES, Netflix Adds Over 130 Countries to Streaming Service (Nytimes)
  • Nintendo Alters Controversial Fire Emblem Fates Scene (M)
  • NASA Achieves Gender Equality Milestone (IGN)
  • Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and Die Hard actor, dies aged 69 (BBC)
  • Darkwing Duck Is Not Coming Back (IGN)
  • General Motors, Gazing at Future, Invests $500 Million in Lyft (Nytimes)
  • Grant Gustin 'Fully Supports' Ezra Miller as the Flash (IGN)
  • An iPhone Charging in Midair Is the Coolest CES Demo I've Ever Seen (Gizmodo)
  • Popular YouTubers Try To Trademark 'React' (Kotaku)
  • GIMPS project discovers largest known prime number (Sciencedaily)
  • New Final Fantasy 15 Character Revealed, Release Date Event Details Confirmed (IGN)
  • Carl Zeiss Smart Glasses Won't Make You Look Like A Glasshole (Tomsguide)
  • Mighty No 9 Suffers Third Delay (IGN)