Quest 98 - What didn't Google doodle in 20 years?

We reminisce about our favorite cancelled Google products, because we're glassholes. Please don't forget to plus one our podcast on Google Plus, generate some buzz on Google Buzz, and catch us on Google Wave!



  • Are our favorite Google products still around?

  • Which products died before their time?

  • Where are our self driving cars?

  • What is going to get axed next?


QQ Adventure - UFO 54-40, Volume 2

Previously, on UFO 54-40: We got abducted from a supersonic jet, and made friends with Pirate Captain Kim Lee! What aliens will we meet this time? Can we out smart the U-TY Masters again? How do we escape?


The Book

The Adventures

  • Starring Miss Ally as the Old Man

  • With Zach as A Small Bear

  • Featuring Raul as the Floating Meat Balls

  • And Tom as the Narrator

QQ Adventure - UFO 54-40, Volume 1

You're aboard a supersonic jet, high above the Atlantic. Suddenly a huge, gleaming white cylinder shoots out of the clouds. The next thing you know you are inside the galactic ship Rakma-captured by the all-powerful U-TY Masters! How do you escape?


The Book

The Adventurers

  • Starring Zach as the Nameless Protagonist
  • With Miss Ally as Pirate Captain Kim Lee
  • Featuring Raul as the U-TY Masters
  • And Tom as The Narrator

QQ Adventure - Space Vampire, Volume 2

Previously, on Space Vampire: We journeyed to Barnard's Star and were promptly killed. This time we take Raul's advice and actually try to capture the titular space vampire, in space; but as soon as we board his spacecraft, our captain tries to use us as bait! What should we do?


The Book

The Adventurers

  • Starring Ruly as Cadet Osprey
  • With Miss Ally as Doctor Vivaldi
  • Featuring Tom as The Cook
  • And Zach as The Narrator