QQ News - January 10th, 2014

News is a new show we plan to do in-between the normal Quests! It's intended to be a fire hose of headlines followed by brief discussion compressed into about 30 minutes. We hope you enjoy it! Let us know either way :D

  • Sony sells 4.2 million PS4s, Microsoft sells 3 million Xbones (IGN)
  • Nintendo 3DS Sales Rose Over 45% in 2013 (Escapist)
  • Apple makes 10 Billion from the App Store in 2013 (Apple)
  • Nintendo To Pay Royalties to Tomita on Every 3DS Sold (Escapist)
  • Steam Machine Prices Range From $499 to $6,000 (Escapist)
  • Starbound Sells One Million Copies While Still In Beta (Escapist)
  • DayZ Beta Not Coming Until End of 2014 (Escapist)
  • New Oculus Rift Prototype Includes Tracking Camera (Escapist)
  • Alien: Isolation Trailer Returns To Its Roots (Escapist)
  • Playstation Now introduced at CES (Time)