QQ News - February 2015

A fire hose of geeky news headlines for the month of February, 2015.


  • The X-Files May Return to Television (IGN)
  • Final Fantasy Puzzles and Dragons (Kotaku)
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy Coming to Wii U (IGN)
  • New 3DS XL Coming To America In February (Kotaku)
  • Nintendo's AC Adapter Policy Isn't Fair (Kotaku)
  • Final Fantasy XV Is 60 Percent Finished (Kotaku)
  • Blizzard Rewards Ten-Year World of Warcraft Vets With Statue (Kotaku)
  • Hearthstone Master Loses To Low Rank Player w/ Starter Deck (Kotaku)
  • Dota 2 Tops 1 Million Players At The Same Time (RockPaperShotgun)
  • Simon Pegg Will Co-Write Star Trek 3 (EscapistMagazine)
  • Transferring games to New 3DS XL needs a Screwdriver (Polygon)
  • Square Enix has trademarked "Square Soft" and "Enix" (Kotaku)
  • Live-Action Zelda Series May Be in the Works (EscapistMagazine)
  • Big Layoffs At EverQuest Studio Today (Kotaku)
  • Sony Sells Off Studio Behind Everquest, H1Z1 (Kotaku)
  • Amazon In Talks To Buy Stores From RadioShack (EscapistMagazine)
  • Spider-Man coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (IGN)
  • YouTube now defaults to HTML5 (Youtube)
  • Disney Eyeing Chris Pratt for Next Indiana Jones (EscapistMagazine)
  • Jon Stewart Is Leaving The Daily Show (Kotaku)
  • Sonic Boom is the Worst-Selling Sonic Title in History (IGN)
  • New Alien Movie Confirmed with Director Neill Blomkamp (Variety)