Quest 98 - What didn't Google doodle in 20 years?

We reminisce about our favorite cancelled Google products, because we're glassholes. Please don't forget to plus one our podcast on Google Plus, generate some buzz on Google Buzz, and catch us on Google Wave!



  • Are our favorite Google products still around?

  • Which products died before their time?

  • Where are our self driving cars?

  • What is going to get axed next?


Quest 96 - Are Americans addicted to Nostalgia?

Tom and Raul complain about nostalgic properties that are bad, while saying they like nostalgic properties that are's revelation, people!



  • Did you watch Arrested Development Season 5?
  • Are nostalgic properties like comfort food?
  • Why isn't Star Wars working?
  • Is Marvel peddling more than nostalgia?
  • Will the Simpsons ever end?