Quest 102 - Do you welcome our new Disney overloads?

Disney streaming premiers with "House of Mouse IX: Rise of a Totalitarian Regime" ...and I, for one, welcome our new varment overlords!



  • Who is your NEW favorite Disney Princess?

  • Are you going to pay for Disney Streaming?

  • Will more streaming services discourage you from watching them?

  • Are we going to need a streaming service portal portal?


Quest 99 - Is there dogmatism in software?

The short answer, is yes. The long answer, is also yes. I am shocked, shocked I tell you! ...okay, not that shocked.



  • How many vape batteries does it take to power your car?

  • Do you need Nginx in front of your node service?

  • Without data, is it just a rumor?

  • Is perfect the enemy of good?

  • Can you balance generalization and specialization?


Quest 98 - What didn't Google doodle in 20 years?

We reminisce about our favorite cancelled Google products, because we're glassholes. Please don't forget to plus one our podcast on Google Plus, generate some buzz on Google Buzz, and catch us on Google Wave!



  • Are our favorite Google products still around?

  • Which products died before their time?

  • Where are our self driving cars?

  • What is going to get axed next?